We Train The Next Generation Of Flight Crew & Ground Staff

Flight training services


  • We will assist you with the entire Commercial Pilot License (CPL) course and the DTE Rating Course.
  • You will also be trained for a professional position, and you will also score internships with reputed domestic and internship airlines.
  • If you want to establish a career in the aviation industry, we will be able to offer ancillary courses and certificates.
  • Our courses will be able to prepare you thoroughly. You will be able to start working immediately in the position of your choice.

Training Services

Crew Cabin

  • Avion Privé also trains cabin crews most extensively and comprehensively possible.
  • Our training modules cover a wide array of situations and possibilities, and our cabin crew are trained to be extremely reliable and dependable.
  • Our cabin crew training teaches the recruits how to interact with clients, manage unruly passengers, administer first aid, etc.
  • Avion Privé's cabin crew training course is very comprehensive, consisting of written exams, practical mock situations, hands-on training, etc.

Ground Staff Training

  • Avion Privé also provides ground staff training courses, where we teach students the principles of aviation management and passenger handling.
  • We also train other professionals that are required for conducting smooth flights, such as airplane technicians, radio technicians and navigators.
  • Ground staff are indispensable elements of the entire Avion Privé family, and we train our ground staff to be dependable, responsive and innovative.
  • With our ground staff training, you can become effective aviation and airport managers at any airport in the world.